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Online Resources for Educators

A trove of vision-related lesson plans, experiments and optical illusions for grades K-12. (Source: University of Washington, Seattle) links to a checklist of signs and symptoms that may indicate a vision problem. Children’s learning difficulties often are due to vision problems, and teachers often are the first to identify such problems in the classroom.

The American Optometric Association’s Resources for Teachers page links to classroom exercises and activity sheets.

Convergence insufficiency is an eye-muscle coordination problem affecting one in 20 children. This site explains how CI impairs reading performance and everyday activities and provides a list of signs and symptoms.

Virtual cow’s eye dissection with photos and video of an actual dissection from start to finish. (Source: San Francisco Exploratorium)

Search the Science Kids website (keyword: eye) for a wealth of classroom resources including fun eye facts, eye diagrams and videos, games and quizzes, hands-on activities, and optical illusions.