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The Latest Advances in Eye Care

Vision care and eye disease prevention and management are always advancing. Dr. Pinkerton keeps up with the latest optometric developments in order to address all your questions and concerns and provide you with the best care possible. Follow Insight Eyecare on Twitter, read or subscribe to our blog, and like us on Facebook to stay abreast of the latest research and breaking news regarding ocular and overall health.

In addition, every month or so here on our website Insight Eyecare will spotlight one or more research studies or news stories that impact patients here in East Texas.

If you are researching a health topic online, trustworthy starting points geared to patients include MedlinePlus, WebMD, MedicineNet and All About Vision. For medical journal publications and research studies on a particular topic, search by keyword at PubMed.

For citations and research studies on the efficacy of vision therapy, see Research & White Papers compiled by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and Dr. Mini Randhawa’s Vision Therapy site.



This Month’s Featured News

Ipad ReaderStudy shows iPads provide for better reading comprehension in young adults than Kindle, plain paper.

Summary: While there was no difference between reading speeds with an iPad, a Kindle or plain paper, reading text on an iPad allowed for significantly greater comprehension compared to a Kindle or plain paper, according to a small study of 48 subjects ages 18 to 24 with good near visual acuity and good binocularity. Findings suggest that high-resolution handheld electronic devices have the potential to improve rates of comprehension in young adults. So, for example, college students may fare better studying from an iPad vs. a Kindle or a packet of printouts. Children were not included in the study, and it is likely not the case that a new iPad will solve the problems of struggling young readers. Read more.


Modest weight loss results in long-term health benefits for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Summary: Heavy people with type 2 diabetes who lose a modest amount of weight and keep it off get many long-term health benefits, including reduced risk of chronic kidney disease, depression and eye disease, a landmark study has found. They also have better blood sugar control, better quality of life, fewer hospitalizations and take less medication, which reduces medical costs. The weight loss, however, doesn’t lower their risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Previous short-term studies have shown the benefits of weight loss, but this is the first large, long-term trial examining a diverse set of health benefits. Read more.

EyedropsCholesterol-lowering eye drops may join a ‘growing army of treatments’ for eye disease.

Summary: New research points to the possibility that vision loss caused by macular degeneration could be prevented with cholesterol-lowering eye drops or other medications that may prevent the buildup of lipids beneath the retina. Human and animal studies have shown that older white blood cells, called macrophages, struggle to expel cholesterol. Further investigation is needed. Read more.

Vitamin D Intake and Macular DegenerationVitamin D intake and smoking can significantly influence the course of macular degeneration.

Summary: A study of identical twins finds diet and smoking can significantly influence the course of macular degeneration. By examining identical twins who share the same genes but whose disease was at different stages, researchers were able to identify environmental and behavioral factors that may affect the severity of the disease. Significant findings: Twins whose macular degeneration was at the early stages tended to consume more vitamin D from food sources such as fish or milk than their twin. In addition, the twin who was the heavier smoker tended to have the more severe case. Read more.