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Advanced Eye Care for All Ages

Jeff Pinkerton, OD, and staff at Insight Eyecare provide East Texans with comprehensive eye care including pediatric, family and geriatric optometry. Dr. Pinkerton performs routine eye examinations and vision correction, and also manages the treatment of ocular diseases.

Insight Eyecare Texas Eye Care Services

In addition, Insight Eyecare offers:

  • Frames and sunglasses in hundreds of styles
  • Specialty contact lens fittings
  • An in-office lens lab for your convenience
  • Pre- and post-op care for Lasik and cataract surgery
  • Detection and management of eye disease including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and dry eyes
  • Detection of systemic disease including hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease and multiple sclerosis with referral to appropriate specialists
  • Infant eye exams at no charge for early detection of eye and vision problems (recommended for all babies 6 to 12 months) through the national InfantSEE program
  • Home-based vision therapy program to address vision-related issues such as amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and poor hand-eye coordination
  • Contact lens polishing and surfacing
  • Low vision aids
  • Corneal refractive therapy to reduce or eliminate myopia (nearsightedness) by using contacts to reshape the cornea overnight during sleep