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2018 Sunglasses Fashion Forecast: The Latest Styles Keep You Hip and Healthy

INVU’s modernized cat-eye frame with gradient lens

In the market for a new pair of sunglasses? Lucky you—shades are not only good for you; they look good on you! And starting Friday, Dec. 1 through the end of 2017, all in-stock nonprescription sunglasses are half off at Insight Eyecare’s Kilgore and White Oak locations.

Wearing sunglasses helps ensure your whole eye area is protected from harmful ultra-violet (UV) light that can cause both temporary and permanent damage to your sight, as well as premature wrinkling. Eye protection means less squinting, which equals fewer lines and creases.

An Eye for Fashion

INVU’s nude frame with gradient lens

Sunglasses are a versatile and striking fashion accessory. This is nothing new (ask Audrey Hepburn’s legion of fans) but shades are now a must-have if you want to see and be seen. Insight Eyecare’s semiannual half-off sale is a great opportunity to pick up a go-to pair of sunglasses in a neutral color, along with a “statement” pair in your favorite color or a fun shape to express your fashion sense.

From Timeless to Trendy

Looking for a classic look? Marble or tortoise-shell frames are a smart choice that fits any outfit and occasion.

Speaking of Ms. Hepburn, and continuing the classic theme, cat-eye frames are both timeless and trendy. Options today include elongated or exaggerated shapes and slants, along with subtler styles.

Translucent or clear frames are another popular retro style. They’re kind of mod, kind of space-age, and very much on trend. Or, leave time and space behind and focus on land and sea. Green and blue frames, inspired by the latest runway fashions and colors, are currently making a splash.

It’s Hip to Be Square

INVU’s matte navy frame

Hit all the right angles with square or rectangle frames. The latest “hipster” look in sunglasses, they look great on women and men alike.

Beyond frames, if gradient, ombre, or light-colored lenses appeal to you (all of which are gaining in popularity) rest assured that they can offer the same protection as darker lenses. Just make sure to pay attention to the UV rating and go with lenses that block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

By contributing writer Carol Morency

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