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Third Annual Archery Super-tuning Clinic


Third Annual Archery Super-tuning Clinic identifies ways to significantly improve equipment performance with slight modifications

In time for bow hunting season, archers can evaluate their equipment and address suboptimal performance using an advanced tuning system on loan exclusively at East Texas Hardware.

August 3, 2016 — “Speed kills” and “long shots are unethical” are two of bow hunting’s 10 biggest myths according to a July 11 Outdoor Life Magazine article. That’s because it’s a combination of factors that optimize bow and arrow performance, enabling some long-shot and low-poundage bow hunters to take down game swiftly and ethically. That combination of performance and success factors can be scientifically determined for each individual archer at the Third Annual Archery Super-tuning Event from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 13 at East Texas Hardware, 1111 N. Kilgore Street in Kilgore.

The Archery Super-tuning Event is free, with discounts offered on bows and bow accessories.

view from Dr. P's treestand

View from Dr. Pinkerton’s tree stand.

Archers should bring their bow and arrows (including crossbows) and come prepared to shoot. This is not a basic bow tune-up but a rare opportunity to use the state-of-the-art Velocitip Ballistic System by Full Flight Technology, on loan from event co-host Dr. Jeff Pinkerton of Insight Eyecare in Kilgore and White Oak. The system measures a bow’s performance at any distance as well as precise trajectory, aerodynamic efficiency, launch and impact speeds, arrow drag, momentum and kinetic energy. With this information, master bow technician Kevin Offerding can super-tune archers’ equipment, making them better shooters and hunters. In addition, East Texas Hardware is offering discounts on archery and hunting products during the event.

  • 10% of bows and arrows by the dozen
  • 15% of other bow accessories
  • 15% off knives
  • 5% off hunting stands
  • Deer corn buy five bags get one free

The Velocitip system consists of a field point with a built-in microelectronic system that activates when the arrow leaves the bow and when it strikes the target while measuring arrow performance more than a thousand times in between. After shooting, the field point is removed from the arrow and plugged into a docking station for immediate data display which is then used to recommend equipment modifications.

The national archery trade publication Arrow Trade covered the inaugural Archery Super-tuning Event in 2014, observing that “Customers were very impressed with what they learned and how much they could improve their bows’ performance with slight changes or modifications to their setups.”

For more information on the Velocitip System visit

To learn why archery of is such keen interest to an eye doctor, read Dr. Pinkerton’s article “You Can’t Shoot What You Can’t See.”

For more information about the Archery Super-tuning Event, contact Dr. Jeff Pinkerton at (903) 984-3101.

About Insight Eyecare: Dr. Jeff Pinkerton at Insight Eyecare has been in private practice in East Texas since 1996, with offices in Kilgore and White Oak. He is an avid bow hunter.

About East Texas Hardware: Not your typical hardware store, East Texas Hardware offers a wide array of merchandise and services including an archery pro shop where bow technician Kevin Offerding works his magic.


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