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Why Anglers Prefer Polarized Sunglasses

Dr. Pinkerton

Dr. Pinkerton (right) and middle son Reed in Oakley and Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, respectively.

April showers bring May flowers — and new sunglasses shipments! Insight Eyecare now carries Costa Del Mar polarized performance sunglasses invented by hardcore, globetrotting fishermen to enhance their performance on and off the water, and to withstand extreme outdoor environments.

Though nowhere near their level, I am an avid bow fisherman and consider polarized sunglasses an indispensable piece of gear. You can’t shoot what you can’t see beneath the surface of the water. Polarized lenses not only reduce or eliminate glare off the water, but they also allow you to see below the water’s surface.

It’s not magic; it’s science. The majority of reflective surfaces that cause glare are horizontal. Polarized lenses selectively block out light waves reflecting off horizontal surfaces such as a highway, Lake Cherokee, or the hood of your car, thereby eliminating glare. When fishing or boating, the absence of reflected light makes it easier to see into the water, beyond the surface, to detect fish as well as tree stumps and other hazards. When driving, polarized lenses help reduce distractions like heat waves and light reflecting off objects and other vehicles. You can see road markings more easily through rain on the road, and see farther along in foggy conditions.

Insight Eyecare now offers Costa Del Mar sunglasses, a top brand among pro anglers.

When light reflects off atmospheric effects like fog or rain, it scatters at all angles, and polarized lenses block out any horizontal vibrations to significantly reduce glare.

By contrast, normal sunglasses reduce all light equally. In fact, wearing regular, non-polarized sunglasses in the rain can actually be dangerous.

I highly recommend polarized sunglasses across the board. Many people find that they prevent eye fatigue and headaches by reducing the tendency to squint. One downside is that polarized lenses will make your LCD dashboard and depth-finder displays harder to read.

Besides Costa Del Mar, Insight Eyecare carries a variety of sunglasses that are ideal for outdoor activities, with Maui Jim, Oakley, Wiley X and Zeal offered in polarized styles. Wiley X sunglasses are especially well-suited for safer motorcycle riding. Our knowledgeable opticians will help you select a pair that’s best for you and your summer activities.

Dr. Jeff Pinkerton,
iCare for you.